…to Graceland! (Memphis)


We started out this morning with some photo opportunities within Jellystone Park with Yogi and his friends before the rest of the park woke up.   After we had our camera fun at poor Yogi’s expense, we headed to the Ernest Tubb Record Shop in hopes that it was run by early birds.  No luck.  We took a picture and took a trip down the road to the Grand Ole Opry in hopes that it might be run by early birds.  Also, no luck, but we took a photo to prove we were actually there anyway.  Time to get out of Nashville . . . the town that sleeps in and parties all night, I guess.

We navigated out of Nashville via the interstate, escaping the interstate and exploring some of the less travelled highways starting at Bucksnort, Tennessee.  Definitely, one of the best town names so far on our trip.  Knob Lick, Kentucky was also a contender in the best name category.  I forgot to mention that one yesterday.

We passed through several towns on our way to our ultimate goal  – Memphis,
Tennessee – including Waverly, Huntingdon (had an excellent BBQ pork lunch here), Humboldt, and Brownsville.  Gas seems to be getting cheaper and cheaper as we go along.  Jeremy thinks it may eventually be free.  We drove over some bridges in Madison County but none of them were covered.  A word of warning – do not stray off main street in Humboldt.  I think we ended up crossing through a gang territory thanks to our Garmin GPS “shortcut.”  Let’s just say we performed some American rolling stops and beat it out of there.

In our limited experience so far of American cities, Memphis definitely has the worst roads.  Very much in need of repair, but the roads have been amazing up until now, so we really have no right to complain.

We reached the Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee at 3:30 PM today, just in time to unload our bikes, throw our luggage into our hotel room and head for the Graceland box office before it closed.  We got tickets for one of the last tours of the day and “experienced” the Elvis phenomena first hand.  The tour was worth it just to see the 60s and 70s decorating and original furniture . . . oh, and the hundreds of gold and platinum records that Elvis collected during his career.

Time to relax now and plan our route for tomorrow.

2 Responses to “…to Graceland! (Memphis)”

  • Harold Says:

    Looks like you’re having a great time & the weather is cooperating too. At least you weren’t in Nashville on a Sunday like we were … could hardly get a meal it was so locked up 🙂

  • Auntie Yvonne Says:

    So you guys saw Kate stadning on the Titantic…did you get her autograph? Looks like you are having a fun time – especially Jeremy and Yogi Bear. Wonderful pictures!!!!