Sep 30 2011

…to Eureka, California


Today we had to say goodbye to Lincoln City and our little cabin by the ocean.  Too bad we are not coming back through Lincoln City on the way home.  Apparently, they are having a 50% off their off-season prices deal next week.  That would make it about $30.00 a night for us.  Darn!

We were on the road early this morning for us.  We managed to get the bike loaded by 8:00 AM, including a cranky little dog who wanted to stay in bed.  We headed out under gray skies with a major Oregon winter storm chasing our tail.  It was all about getting through the storm front today and, hopefully, crossing the border into California. Continue reading

Sep 29 2011

…to Lincoln City, Oregon


No, it is not a typo.  We decided to stay an extra day in Lincoln City to play tourist and rest our weary bones.  The Sea Horse had a cabin available for us but we had to switch to 114.  Very similar to 112 but just no fireplace.  It is too hot right now for a fireplace anyway.  Maybe in another month it might be cool enough to use one.

We wandered around “downtown” Lincoln City for a little while today and checked out the gift shops.  I found a fisherman’s small  glass float at an antique store to remember our trip here.  I took a picture of it just in case it does not make it home in one piece.  I am going to have to protect it well in my sidebag.  We might have to come back to Lincoln City in the winter.  Every year, from mid-October to Memorial Day you can comb the beaches here for glass floats that city volunteers have “planted” on the beaches here.  You find it, its yours!  They are quite pretty.  Jeremy’s treasure find today – homemade caramel popcorn, chocolate-coated “sea foam” toffee,  and bacon-flavoured toothpicks from Candyland. Continue reading

Sep 28 2011

…to Lincoln City, Oregon


Despite another early wakeup, we did not manage to get going until 9:00 AM.  Once we were close to having the motorcycle packed up, we took a short stroll to the end of the Astoria River Walk.  We did not see anymore “wharf” rats, but I got to see my first banana slug.  I think it must have been Koira’s first experience with any type of slug.  Koira could not care less about it but I was not a fan.  Jeremy showed me how touching the attenae made them retract, but I still was not a fan.  Too much like an earthworm.  Not a fan of them either. Continue reading

Sep 27 2011

…to Astoria, Oregon


Today everyone slept in – even Koira!  We must all have been a little tired from battling the rain and wind yesterday.  We were even late for the complimentary breakfast at the hotel but Jeremy managed to get the hostess to turn the waffle-maker back on for two more sets of waffles.

We decided to start out in our rain suits today as the weather forecasts were predicting rain all the way to the coast.  The ladies at the visitor centre in Yakima had also warned Jeremy that there was a chance of snow through the pass.  At first we thought we were sitting in our portable saunas for nothing, but then the rain caught up to us.  Even despite the drizzle and the cold through the pass, the Old Natches Highway and Gifford Pinchot National Forest was beautiful.  It is right up there with some of the best motorcycling roads we have been on.  It was a nice surprise.   If Jeremy had known how nice it was going to be, he would have worn his helmet cam again. Continue reading

Sep 26 2011

…to Yakima, Washington


Well, we made it across the border into Washington!  All that worrying about Koira’s wellness report and vaccinations and the border agent did not even ask to see her paperwork.  I was more of a problem at the border than Koira, being too slow taking off my helmet and sunglasses and by getting off the bike when I was not asked to get off.  The only issue crossing the border was Koira’s Canadian made dry dog food – Orijen.  I know this food is sold in the United States as well as it has won “Best Pet Food” awards over the last few years in Canada and the United States, but it would have been a bit of a pain to try and find it for her if they confiscated it at the border.  We had to pull over to the side and wait for a Department of Agriculture officer to “come out and talk to us.”  I think Koira’s cuteness helped us yet again.  When he saw how little we were bringing across the border to feed her for two weeks he said “Ah, that’s nothing.”  Koira was batting her long eyelashes at him and acting all sleepy.  She knows how to play up to people when she has to.  His only concern was whether there was any lamb in the food.  Good thing I cut out the label of ingredients and put it in her portioned out bag of food for him to see.  We did not mention that Koira sleeps on a bought in Canada sheepskin in her Pet Palace.  She has allergic reactions to eating lamb meat but she LOVES sleeping on lambskin.  With a few suggestions of what to see and do on the Oregon coast from the Department of Agriculture office, we were on our way! Continue reading

Sep 25 2011

…to Osoyoos, British Columbia


Well, a dog’s schedule never rests, vacation or not.  Koira was expectantly standing on my chest at 5:30 AM this morning.  Time for a walk and then, her favourite morning routine – breakfast.  Not too many of the Hume Hotel guests are up at 5:30 AM, but thankfully there was a lady in the office to undo the locks on the front door to let us out.  Everyone understands a dog’s schedule, especially other dog owners.  Actually, Nelson is pretty quiet on Sunday morning at 5:30 AM.

Despite our early rise, this morning, we still did not make it on the road much earlier than usual.  By the time we packed up, posted yesterday’s blog, and had our complimentary breakfast of “huevos rancheros” (excellent wrapped in a homemade tortilla) delivered to us in the lobby because Koira was not allowed in the restaurant (which is perfectly understandable), it was already 8:00 AM.  It was raining during this time period anyway, so the delay let the clouds pass over Nelson a little. Continue reading

Sep 24 2011

…to Nelson, British Columbia


What a day for a ride! This is the first trip that we’ve started off not in a huge rain storm, and boy was it a nice change!

We were up early and had a leisurely breakfast, packed a few last-minute items, walked the dog and left. We took the easy way out of town through Bragg Creek then headed up to the Trans-Canada as far as Canmore before the first rest stop was ordered. Since we didn’t really need anything we stopped at the visitor information center on the edge of town so Koira could have a sniff and I could try out my favourite ride, then it was back on the bike.

After Canmore, we were riding new territory. Normally, we take the Highway 93 to Radium Hot Springs to visit Jeremy’s Mom but today there was no turning. We kept straight and headed towards Yoho National Park and Golden. I kept an eye out but, unlike my parents, I did not see any wolves running in the ditches. Koira would have loved to smell a wolf . . . from a distance, on a motorcycle, safe in her Pet Palace. Continue reading